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SM 50 Years International meeting / May 2020
Dear Collectors, Dear Members, Dear Friends,
Despite our hopes to see the situation improve, we are all directly subjected to the effects of the international situation related to covid-19.
The sanitary containment measures recently prescribed by ourdifferent governments, and the reasonable projections that we can make to date, unfortunately mean that we are no longer able to organize our International Meeting for the 50 years of our SM in Chantilly.
We really regret to inform you we have to cancel this meeting, which we have been meticulously preparing for quite a while in order to share this event with you.
We trust you understand that today our first worry is everybody’s health.
We would like to thank you for your enthusiasm to join our meeting:
16 nationalities, 271 bookings and more than 150 SM have warmed our hearts!
We hope that we will be able to use this wonderful program as an inspiration when the situation becomes manageable again.
For now, take care of yourself and your loved ones.
“Every cloud has a silver lining” ...  We look forward to see you all again soon.
[ Note : We are working on the financial consequences of this cancellation and a procedure to reimburse the share of the sums paid for the bookings. After this we will come back to you regarding your payment and the re-funding ].
SMistement Yours.
SM 50 years Team
Robert Giraud / Genevieve & Pierre Fraleux / Pierre Clavel / / Rens Wolters / Philippe Beugin / Olivier Moreau /Présidence / Administration / Finances & Communication / Relations Internationales / Coordination et logistique / Secrétariat Général

Samedi 20 et dimanche 21 juin 2020
Voir le programme et s'inscrire : cliquez  ICI
Pour tout renseignement complémentaire :
Jean-Pierre ROY - port. : 07-82-32-72-40
Dimanche 21 Juin 2020
RÉGION BOURGOGNE : Baume les Messieurs, Jura : Abbaye - grottes
Tarif 60 € par personne
Voir le programme et s'inscrire : cliquez ICI

Pour tout renseignement :
Alain DUCHAT  tel : 06 09 10 66 91
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